Камин на палет-ALLEGRO PALAZZETTI (Код 7043)


Features and standard equipment:

• Hermetic stove with the ability to draw combustion air directly from the outside;

• Air Pro System: a radial fan to convey the air in the same environment of installation of the stove and two centrifugal fans (180 m3 / h each) for ducting to other rooms on two independent branches;

• steel frame painted black with black door mirror glass and nickel-plated steel inserts;

• thick cast iron grate;

• system Star pellet feed;

• large ash drawer;

• Combustion Dynamic Control;

• digital panel with touch control;

• operating times programmable on a daily and weekly;

• room sensor for temperature management programmed; 

• possibilities connect the stove to an external thermostat;

• ability to completely exclude the ventilation to heat only by radiation and natural convection by increasing the acoustic comfort;

• connection box for the management and control of the stove through mobile standard.

Dimensions 53 x 55 x 117 cm - Weight: 145 kg
Max thermal power input 13.598 (Kw) - 11700 (Kcal / h)
Efficiency at rated power 0.8854
Efficiency at reduced power 0.9353
Rated thermal input 12 (Kw) - 10400 (Kcal / h)
Reduced heat output 2.39 (kw) - 2100 (Kcal / h)
Capacity pellet hopper 22 (kg)
Hourly consumption 0.52 (kg / h) - 2.79 (kg / h)
Operating autonomy max 43 h
Diameter flue ø 8 cm