Камин хидро 13 бордо -PALAZZETTI (Код 7028)



Pellet stove hydro Hermetic, ideal for installation in passive homes or where traditional products, which draw air from the environment, can not be installed. Consists of a solid steel frame, with top and top insert cast iron and painted steel sides is equipped with a unique system for fine-grained control of combustion in order to obtain the highest yields ever. New digital display with touch controls. Complete with circulator, safety valve, expansion vessel and condensation valve.

Dimensions 51 x 59 x 120 cm - Weight: 190 kg
Max thermal power input 14,27 (Kw) - 12300 (Kcal / h)
Efficiency at rated power 0.9468
Efficiency at reduced power 0.9561
Rated thermal input 13,51 (Kw) - 11700 (Kcal / h)
Rated thermal water 10,99 (Kw) - 9500 (Kcal / h)
Reduced heat output 3.45 (kw) - 3000 (Kcal / h)
Reduced heat output water 2.41 (kw) - 2100 (Kcal / h)
Capacity pellet hopper 25 (kg)
Hourly consumption 0.751 (kg / h) - 2.97 (kg / h)
Operating autonomy max 34 h
Diameter flue ø 8 cm
Water heater series No